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2020 EM Meeting and Training Day

OEMA Membership,

I hope this finds you, your family and your community safe. It has been a long year this week and the struggle is real and exhausting. This disaster is like no other any of us are used too. This is definitely one for the record books.

This year is supposed to be a transitional year for OEMA, with hosting a one day conference/training day and business meeting in August and election of officers and then the full conference hosted in February. But, these are definitely fluid times and schedules have to be flexible enough to have events and still maintain awareness and safety in those events.

So, in order to stay within the by-laws of the association, we the board, have come up with the following options to keep us on track for August and the one day training, EMPG requirements, business meeting and election of officers.

Option #1: We will host this session at the Kingfisher County fairgrounds. The fairgrounds will hold 900 people and seat 600+ people. With this much space and the average attendance, we feel that we can maintain social distancing protocols and still have the meeting safely and accomplish the requirements needed for EMPG and the association.

Obviously, option #1 is subject to change due to current events, so we have an option #2.

Option #2: We will work with OEM to host a WebEx meeting and we will remove the training from this option. OEM will be adding a Q&A piece to the WebEx option that will allow us to vote and have some limited discussion on items on the agenda.

As we move forward, we are at the 90 day window for items that will need to be voted on. Those items include:

OEMA President

OEMA Secretary

OEMA Area-Vice Presidents

OEMA Alternate Vice-Presidents

OEMA By-law changes

And increasing the membership dues from $35 to $50.


These are the items on the agenda for the business meeting, in addition to the reports and updates that are presented every year.

These items will be on the OEMA web page, https://oklahomaema.com/.


These items are for you to review and bring your questions to the annual meeting.


I hope to see all of you soon and wish you continued health for all.



Rob Hill

OEMA President 2016-2020

OEMA Board Meeting 14 April 2020

OEMA Board Meeting 14 April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the Oklahoma Emergency Managment Association Board Meeting on 14 April 2020 was held via Zoom. To maintain transparency...