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I would like to take just a moment and express how honored I am to serve as your president for the next 2 years. I realize we are going to face some challenges that until this last conference, we had never had to face, such as having the virtual conference. There are so many things are lost with the loss of networking person to person, the bridge building between agencies and simply making new friends. I do hope that we can figure out how to have some type of in person large workshop/conference in the near future. As far as the conference set for February, the Director chose not to sign the agreement with the hotel simply because there wasn’t enough protection for the state in the contract as far as financial responsibilities if we weren’t able to have the conference due to covid.

As some of you know, one of my biggest desires is to see the OUR association stand on its own two feet. In the last few years our membership has grown and has put us in a place where I believe this is possible. I will be asking the executive board for ideas on how we can do this and when there is a plan formed, I will share that with all of you.

 I believe the way that we can really promote OUR association is we involve more than the same people doing all the jobs. I will be asking members from across the state to serve on adhoc committees to work with the executive board, allowing us to fulfill the needs of our membership to best of our ability.

In closing, I want you to know that I believe we can take OUR association to the next level. If you have an idea that may improve or streamline something we are doing or not doing, please don’t hesitate to contact your area V.P. or feel free to call or email me.

Stay Safe,